Friday, February 25, 2011


If you want new and hot this is it....
Available in Spring.... Summer

But, remember we get the first prints....
So place you order early and give us your feedback...

Fun prints with a skin print in pastel colors...OOH LA LA...
Large print
as well as small florals and
Free purse pattern available...
Watch for more details...
LOVE IT don't you?

Christina and Deb made a personal delivery of our
come check out the newest colors and styles...
Check out Christinas Jacket

Made from a Sweatshirt....

Front of Jacket
Strips and Faux Chenille Strips...
She will be coming to teach a class soon
Call and let us know if you are interested??
Back of Jacket

Great fun activity gift idea...

Remember the band comes in three sizes
Small (not me)
Medium (just the average person)
Large ( never passes us a good time or a treat)!
Ya that's me....haha!

Remember to layer and place
buttons on top of each other...

Their pricey but come with
great vintage,
glass and covered buttons
Kit includes thread, needle
premade band
and buttons
$44.00 each

And your never sorry for what you buy..
Only for what you don't buy...

Thanks to you all for coming to the Birthday Party....
We look forward to another year of exciting times
and remember if you have forgotten.
We are located at 46 N. 100 W.
South of the Boulevard and
North of Tabernacle on 100 West
See you soon in Sunny St. George, Utah

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