Thursday, February 25, 2010

Lincoln Schnibbles
is here!!!

This schnibbles pattern is fun, fast, and easy.
great for end tables, coffee tables,
thrown over the back of your couch,
any area in your home that needs a little pizaz.
Kit price $39.95
Includes back and binding.
What a deal!!
Last week we celebrated Shar's Birthday.
(middle back row)
We were a couple weeks late,
but it is hard work getting all of us busy girls together.
We had a potluck and each of us brought
one of shar's favorite foods.
Ironically they are all posted on our blog.
We had.....
Creamy White Chili
Tomato Tart
and ...
Snicker Pie
Happy Birthday Shar.
We Love you.
(all of these recipes are in older posts see if you can find them. It is well worth the search)

Monday, February 22, 2010

As promised....
our baby girl animal minkee is done and kitted.
Kit price $62.95
You don't want to miss this one!
Soo easy to make and....
sooo soft.
Our summer clothes are here!

Many different styles to choose from.
Hurry in for best selection!

Dana is on the road again!
Some upcoming shows are:
Mesa Arizona Quilt Show
March 11,12,13
Desert Quilters of Nevada
Henderson convention
March 18,19,20,21
Watch for Dana to be in your area.
if there is something you need and we are coming your
direction , give us a call and we will bring it to you.
Blogger Bargain for the week of
Feb. 22nd -27th
All baby clothing 20% off
(does not include accesories)
See you soon.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Going The Rounds
New quilt design!!
This quilt is perfect
for the new baby boy in your life.
brown and blue dot minkee back
sooo soft!!
Very easy, just glue circles down ...
and let your quilter do the rest.
Kit price $69.95

Cooking Hungarian Style

In the kitchen with Al and Goldie
makes for a delicious meal.
Having the savory flavors
of a Canadian and a Hungarian Cook
what could be better.
Wow now our blog offers international exposure.
The recipe included is a treat
and a must try for you and your family.
It has a delicious creamy flavor
served with home made noodles.

Mixing the eggs and flour by hand
making dough thick and sticky.
Goldie is 80 years old
and you can always plan on her help.
Whether it's cooking or cleaning
you won't believe your eyes.
She can take a stain from a stove,
oven or pot to make it appear brand new.

To cook noodles drop by small amount in boiling water.

Paprika Chicken with Dumplings.

Also served with cucumbers in vinegar,
little sugar hungarian paprika
and thinly sliced red peppers.

Hungarian Paprika is available in grocery stores
I know I have found it at Harmons
on the spice aisle.
It is more flavorful than regular
stop by and pick some up for your favorite recipes.
Comes in a can and says Hungarian Paprika.

Paprika Chicken and Dumplings

2 Tbsp oil
2 large onions chopped
cook untill transparent.
Add 6-8 chicken breasts
2 Tbsp Tomato sauce, 1 tsp chicken bouillon,
and salt to taste.
cook untill chicken is done.
Add: 2 tsp paprika
1/2 cup chicken broth
5 Tbsp flour
1/4 c. whip cream
1/2 c. sour cream
Make Noodles
5 c. flour
6 eggs
3 tsp salt
add water until thick and sticky.
drop by spoonfulls into
bubbly chicken mixture.
simmer untill cooked through.


For the next several weeks
we will be spotlighting Schnibbles.
They are small quilts
made from charm squares.
They are offered in a varitey of prints and colors.
Stop by for your kit or pattern.
The greatest idea for valentine fun
prepare and frost the cookies
before the grandkids arrive
then simply pass out the candy to place on the top.
Trust me I've learned from past experiences.
Never pass out the frosting
and roll out the dough
you will find frosting and dough
for the next 6 months
in places you simply don't know how it got there.

All the kids having fun with the new puppy
named COPPER...
Bentley's early birthday present...
wow... what are my kids thinking...
more animals to add to the mix.

Bentley visits the shop frequently
and this time he was hiding.
Nothing like trying out the baby bed
with all the new cute bedding.

FEB. 15-20th
Schnibbles Patterns 10% off
Stop by and check out the selection

Thursday, February 11, 2010


Stop by and see our funky monkey quilt,
books and puppets,
along with magnetic hands on the stuffed monkeys.
Fun, Fun, Fun!
Quilt kit is available with chenille and minkee backing
$68.95 each
The animals here at Lazy Daisy
are the ones we can order
they come in a box,
they don't shed, poop
or you know the rest of the story!
But, for some they never know when to stop.
Like Aloha...
we met Aloha on the Boulevard
while delivering gifts to the college.
She definitely had her hands
and everything else full.

When we asked her how she did it
what was her secret
she simply replied...
"I am a Woman...
Women can do anything!

That is our reminder for the week
I am a Woman
and Women can do anything.
Although I, Dana don't think it should include
animals who are
hairy, stinky, poopey, whiney or yappy
well I guess I must confess
I do have animals....

Fall off the Bone Ribs
Place ribs in shallow baking tray
add 1 cup of water
season with Lazy Daisy Cottage Seaoning,
garlic salt, pepper.
Bake at 325 for 4-5 hours.

Remove from oven and grill with favorite barbecue sauce.

For specifics check cook book page 92

Classy Potatoes
See the recipe from the cookbook page 98.
Snicker Pie
For the recipe click on the 2009 post and scroll til you find.

Have A Great Week and Keep Smilin'!

Monday, February 8, 2010

All Wrapped Up...

Packaging up gifts filled with treats,
fruit, drinks and nuts
for a delivery to Dixie College.
Our basket ideas are endless
and we create just the perfect package to say...
Thank You...
Thinking of You..
Tied up with a special message
and treat to brighten the package.
Because the guests were arriving by airline
Dixie College requested
a different packaging idea
so we decided to put together gift bags.
Fun and festive and a note saying...

Our new arrival of OZ
this is a Moda Fabric
and we are in the process of creating
an irrestiable quilt for you to come and pick up.
Watch for the new idea in the weeks to come.
We have charms, layer cakes,
jelly rolls and our own pre-cut scallops.
Stop by yardage is priced at
$8.99 per yard.

Our latest minkee creation is soft
and brings out the animal in all of us.
This is cut in 10" squares
and is finished at 47x57
Kits are available at $62.95
we are also working on a minkee girl animal quilt
watch for it in the weeks to come.
It will be made with animal prints
in pink and brown
you won't want to miss it.
Feb. 8-13th
Buy 1 kit and reiceve 10% off
Buy the second and get 20 % off
Buy a third and get 30% off
All must be purchased at one time!

Thursday, February 4, 2010


Quilting is all about friends and fun mixed with good food.

My friend MaryAnn from Corn Wagon

taught a class called Pretzel Time

she shared the recipe with me...

and I'm sharing with you!

Don't Worry... Be Happy!

This is how we look

with only 12 hours of sleep in 4 days not bad...

Giggling and talking

through the many crisis in our lives

helps us make it through one more day!

This is the group we shared breakfast,

lunch and dinner with.

While staying a winterfest we met many new friends

and can't wait to see them again.


1 pkg of pretzels (rolled)

1 pkg of rolos candy

favorite nuts, almonds, cashews etc.

Heat oven to 250 place pretzels on tray and top with rolo watch closely when melted place a nut on top. Cool and serve. YUMMY and Easy a great snack to make with the grandkids... remember to make them an apron to wear...


Tuesday, February 2, 2010


From Sunny St. George to the great white north!
A fun retreat with no sleep ....
and lots of food what could be better?

This is the fun pillowcase dresses
and lots of other fun cute quilt ideas..
Teaching classes is lots of fun
and meeting new fun friends
who have the same addiction as myself!
Carma Bascom from Vernal is a long time favorite..
she did everything possible
to make the 10 o'clock news on channel 5...
ask her for the details....???

The purse quilt from buggy barn
was fun as well as frustrating....
so is the life of a quilter!

Here is a photo of the top students
who attended winter fest...
Leann, Faye Linda, Lisa, Kathryn,
Donna and Camra...
Each with a sampling of their work as you can see..
some were not much more
than a scrap sewn together
and others had competed a block...
like I said it's a great way to spend 3 hours...
cut up fabrics and spend all week
stitching them back together...

This is Earlene Dunn...
she had a testimonial to share about Lazy Daisy
and the wooden ironing board
which fits on your ironing board and folds in half.
Read below for her quote...
By the way it was her birthday and she turned 53...

WOW looking great!

"Even if you have the ideal sewing room
with all the right tools and gadgets,
if you don't have a wooden ironing board
your grand room is nothing...
If you haven't seen one stop by
and have a demo
this is the greatest thing I have ever spent my money on!"
They are available for $129.95 which includes a cover.

The next class was making aprons
and what fun we had!
These are a fast fun project
and everyone got their apron finished
and they paraded around strutting their stuff.
Melinda, Niclole, and Shelley
are the proud girls here.

Nicole made a second apron ...
for her little cooking partner!

Nicole and Melinda definitely went crazy...
they made all kinds of fun things
and put the rest of us to shame!
Next year if you are looking for a great time
and need a get-a-way plan to attend Winterfest.
Next years national teacher
will be miss Carrie Nelson
from Miss Rosies Quilt Co.
She is awesome...
I have personally taken classes from her
and she is fun, exciting and diverse!
Winterfest is held the last week of January
and is about 20 min. from Heber Utah!.
It would be fun to see some new faces
and see you in classes!
If you want more info call the shop
ask for Dana (435) 673-5659
Watch for more info and recipes on Thursdays Blog...
Blogger Bargain of the Week
All Jewelry 20%off
Make sure and mention the ad...
Simply say..I Saw It On the Blog!!!