Monday, April 11, 2011



If you are wanting your backing we have picked two favorites

Cream or Black with the flowers

You will need 3 1/2 yards

priced at $8.99

Binding 3/4 yard

Also the orange is a great contrast for binding or backing

Layer Cakes and Charm Squares

available in Summertime Camping quilts for your cabin fever... Stop by and get ideas for cabin quilts while supplies last Happy Camper 2 Scene Pieces Camping Quilts jelly rolls, layer cakes and charm squares Kathy was the winner in our what is it contest... It was a cacoon in the palm of a hand... Call us and we will send you out your prize... (435) 673-5659 By the way it was found on the shelf of the RIC-RAC! I guess our guest felt comfortable enough to lay an egg or whatever you do to make a cacoon haha!

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