Friday, August 12, 2011


Pre-cut squares with heat resistant fabrics

Set of two $10.95 ea.

Begin with main print right side down.

Layer next with two batting pieces,

follow with right side up on the heat resistant fabric.

Then folded strips see below

Press four squares in half right side out!

Two of each print

Alternate interlocking counter clockwise...See photo.

Stitch through all layers and clip corners. Turn inside out from center.

Finish hot pad can be used with hand inserted in the middle pocket.
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New and fabulous kits in variety of combinations

Matching Apron Kits


Table Runners



aprons, table runner, and hot pads

Red and Green Apple Prints

And of course....


Notice the adorable table runner simple and quick

$10.95 for two complete kits pre-cut

Green prints in limes, chicken and apples!

We custom cut orders

stop by and get ready

with your christmas gifts....

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