Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Every girl dreams of the perfect get- a - way...
shopping, eating and girl talk!
This dream does not include men or children... (that would be a nightmare)
Who can really eat or spend money with a man around?
After all they really don't understand our motto,
"Never sorry for what you buy... Only sorry for what you don't".
We brain wash them to think...
Shopping is not fun... It is a necessity!

Sister Retreats a must...
from left to right... Erica (Brooks) Campbell, Dana Brooks, Diane Card, Jazzy Card, Rachelle (Brooks) Edwards, and Kim Brooks!
Do we really look like we are having fun???

After returning home from bargain hunting we are getting ready at the cottage for YOUR shopping deals.
Loading the trailer, piled high with discounted prices you won't want to miss the event!
New items at Yard Sale Prices...
Saturday June 27th at 9 am til the deals last!

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