Thursday, December 24, 2009

Dana the owner and her family
have made it a tradition to have a Whoville party
with the Who's all around.
This year our group was a bit smaller
and without the grandkids
except for Cali who has to be with her mom...
we didn't know anyone we didn't like enough to leave her with.
The group having fun!

Kim and Brayden always take the prize.
Kim's creativity really shows.
She works on her hair to get it just right
and every year adds a little more...
Nice package Brayden!

Jordan and Rachelle look like they have no worries.
That is because Jordan's mom kept the kids!

Dana and Daryl who came up with the idea.
Well really Dana but, they are a team.
What we do varies from year to year
but, this year we decided to go out to dinner
then we went shopping
to share the Whovilation with everyone.
We passed out 100 candy canes
and wished everyone a Merry Christmas!
After the Jim Carey Movie...
How the Grinch Stole Christmas
was released we decided to re-create the message of the movie.
Christmas is not found in packages...
It is being together and sharing the good times
with family and friends!

Erica with Dana and Daryl

So next year instead of staying home
dress up and share in the cheer
create memories which will last and never grow old.
Watch for us next year
around the 22 or 23 of December
we visit many of the stores and restaurants
and as we do we remember the blessings
and joys of family and wish all of you a
Merry Christmas!
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