Monday, January 11, 2010

January 22 & 23
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Getting Ready to Roll...
There is no rest for the wicked...
here at Lazy Daisy Cottage...haha
Shar works on her day off...
Saturday to help get the work done!
Saturday means loading and preparing the trailer for the next big event...

Daryl and Dana work together as they
fill the trailer with minkee, kits and fabric
the new shelves were made by our handy man Daryl
they are going to be awesome.
Look for the photos next week.
Moving the store is a big job but somebody's gotta do it!
Angela is smiling because she has been on vacation for a month

over the Christmas Holidays.
So she will do whatever the boss says.

The most exciting
is the YOYOVILLE Quilt
it finally finished and is packed up ready to show.
Next monday it will be back home at Lazy Daisy Cottage.
This is a must see!
Kits are available while they last.
The quilting is amazing and really compliments the quilt.

All the center area is made of Yo-Yos
and we have a handy yo yo maker available.
You must stop by see how this helps to make them acurate and even.

Houses are appliqued all around the border!

If it is dogs you are into we have just the quilt for you.
This quilt is sure to make every dog lover smile
and the greatest thing
you don't have any barking back
and you can leave your pooper bags home
as the only clean up necessary
is the the scraps from your fabric...
thats the kind of dogs Dana and Shar would own ...
only dogs made of paper or fabric!
Dana has too many grandkids to clean up after
and Shar has George to take care of...

January 11-17
All baby items 20% off.

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