Tuesday, February 2, 2010


From Sunny St. George to the great white north!
A fun retreat with no sleep ....
and lots of food what could be better?

This is the fun pillowcase dresses
and lots of other fun cute quilt ideas..
Teaching classes is lots of fun
and meeting new fun friends
who have the same addiction as myself!
Carma Bascom from Vernal is a long time favorite..
she did everything possible
to make the 10 o'clock news on channel 5...
ask her for the details....???

The purse quilt from buggy barn
was fun as well as frustrating....
so is the life of a quilter!

Here is a photo of the top students
who attended winter fest...
Leann, Faye Linda, Lisa, Kathryn,
Donna and Camra...
Each with a sampling of their work as you can see..
some were not much more
than a scrap sewn together
and others had competed a block...
like I said it's a great way to spend 3 hours...
cut up fabrics and spend all week
stitching them back together...

This is Earlene Dunn...
she had a testimonial to share about Lazy Daisy
and the wooden ironing board
which fits on your ironing board and folds in half.
Read below for her quote...
By the way it was her birthday and she turned 53...

WOW looking great!

"Even if you have the ideal sewing room
with all the right tools and gadgets,
if you don't have a wooden ironing board
your grand room is nothing...
If you haven't seen one stop by
and have a demo
this is the greatest thing I have ever spent my money on!"
They are available for $129.95 which includes a cover.

The next class was making aprons
and what fun we had!
These are a fast fun project
and everyone got their apron finished
and they paraded around strutting their stuff.
Melinda, Niclole, and Shelley
are the proud girls here.

Nicole made a second apron ...
for her little cooking partner!

Nicole and Melinda definitely went crazy...
they made all kinds of fun things
and put the rest of us to shame!
Next year if you are looking for a great time
and need a get-a-way plan to attend Winterfest.
Next years national teacher
will be miss Carrie Nelson
from Miss Rosies Quilt Co.
She is awesome...
I have personally taken classes from her
and she is fun, exciting and diverse!
Winterfest is held the last week of January
and is about 20 min. from Heber Utah!.
It would be fun to see some new faces
and see you in classes!
If you want more info call the shop
ask for Dana (435) 673-5659
Watch for more info and recipes on Thursdays Blog...
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Simply say..I Saw It On the Blog!!!

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