Thursday, February 11, 2010


Stop by and see our funky monkey quilt,
books and puppets,
along with magnetic hands on the stuffed monkeys.
Fun, Fun, Fun!
Quilt kit is available with chenille and minkee backing
$68.95 each
The animals here at Lazy Daisy
are the ones we can order
they come in a box,
they don't shed, poop
or you know the rest of the story!
But, for some they never know when to stop.
Like Aloha...
we met Aloha on the Boulevard
while delivering gifts to the college.
She definitely had her hands
and everything else full.

When we asked her how she did it
what was her secret
she simply replied...
"I am a Woman...
Women can do anything!

That is our reminder for the week
I am a Woman
and Women can do anything.
Although I, Dana don't think it should include
animals who are
hairy, stinky, poopey, whiney or yappy
well I guess I must confess
I do have animals....

Fall off the Bone Ribs
Place ribs in shallow baking tray
add 1 cup of water
season with Lazy Daisy Cottage Seaoning,
garlic salt, pepper.
Bake at 325 for 4-5 hours.

Remove from oven and grill with favorite barbecue sauce.

For specifics check cook book page 92

Classy Potatoes
See the recipe from the cookbook page 98.
Snicker Pie
For the recipe click on the 2009 post and scroll til you find.

Have A Great Week and Keep Smilin'!

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