Wednesday, May 26, 2010


After you read this tutorial stop by or call the store.
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Lay out blanket right sides together with smaller square on top.

Mark with a pin 5" from each corner.

Bring smaller square up to edge of larger square pinning between your 5" marks
( corners will not line up at this point)

sew opposite sides of blanket leaving 1/4" at each end of small square.

Do the same on other two sides

When you match the other side between your 5" pins your corners will look like this

Sew the other two sides. Leave a small opening on one side to turn inside right.

This is what your corners look like.

match corners up. Iron corners. Find the spot where your stitching ends. This is your stoppping point.

fold corner over in 90 degree angle from your stopping point. Iron well

Unfold. This is the line you will sew on to make your mitered corner.

Trim, leaving 1/4"

Turn blanket inside right through small opening.

This is what your blanket should look like at this point.

Iron blanket well.

Sew a finishing stitch .

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