Monday, September 13, 2010

Baby Jerzie Rain Campbell

Jerzie Rain Campbell
Born 9-11-2010
6lbs 5 oz

After an all night of labor...Dana's 9th Grandbaby arrived.
A girl all in pink with a head full of hair.
Her weight was a surprise as she arrived 3 1/2 weeks early.
But, mom and baby doing great!
Erica's miracle continues not only her
recovery but a healthy beautiful baby.
After checking her out throughly she was cleared
healthy and strong.
Tiny as can be and sweet and soft...
sure doesn't last long.
So if you missed Dana on Saturday she was recovering
from an "ALL NIGHTER"....
Recovering??? HA HA that's funny...
two hours after baby arrival she was expecting
40 guests for a wedding shower
at her house (of course with food),
a church lesson to prepare for Sunday while
tending the other 8 grandkids,
making 150 Oh Henry Bars
along with frosting sugar cookies,
cooking and cleaning and working to get ready for
California Quilt Show !
All while she was relaxing and when you ask her where she was Saturday....
well, don't bother...ha!
She say's she is getting too old for this...
Arriving to work and now getting ready to go to
San Diego for a quilt show at the
Convention Center this Thursday, Friday and Saturday.
Should be a great quilt show.
If you are in the area stop by and visit..

Our New Apron Pattern made from
Domestic Diva Fabric
stop by and check it out.

There is a lot of construction across the
street with the new Justice Building
going up but you can still stop by
park above or below the cottage.
Although the street says blocked to
through traffic
you are not through if you haven't even stopped yet..
you definietly can't be through???

Also just a note Dana will be gone til next week so the blog will be on hold but,
look for new and great ideas next week...
Have a great week and if it's not stop by and
pick up a cookie that always makes everything better.
LOL! Dana

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  1. Welcome baby girl! I know we've all been looking forward to your arrival!

    Congrats Dana :)


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