Thursday, September 23, 2010

San Diego Pez Tote


Well, what could be better than a room with a view,
cool ocean breeze and good food?

Remember it's not all fun and games.

Working at the San Diego Quilt Show

always is an adventure.

Meet Mingo...

I met Mingo about a year and half ago at
a quilt show; he is my most unique friend!

He is a vegan

(although I slipped him a sugar cookie from the shop)

as I watched him lick his fingers

I reminded him he cheated...

not an organic treat and definitely not vegan...Haha!

The next day he shared a treat with me.....
Make a guess?

Now the work begins..

While not busy selling I was stitching!

Here is my project I created!

A pez collection

This idea could be used for any

little collection of characters.

Make little pockets and places to store treats or figures.

I cut two pieces from different prints 8 1/2 x 21 one for the front and one for the back.

The pocket I cut 9x 18 adjust depending on how many pockets. I folded in half so pocket opening would be on the fold. On each end press 1/4" and top stitch in place lining up bottom seam on the inside fabric piece with right sides facing up. Stitch pockets depending on width I stitched 2" apart for the dwarfs and the center a little larger for Snow White.

For the ruffle I cut 4 strips 2 1/2"x WOF. Stitch continuous and press in half right side out. Use a gathering stitch and gather then pin in place. Stitch to right side of inside print keeping the raw edges lined up. Make your TIES by cutting one strip 6 1/2" x WOF. Cut in half and press all sides 1/4" note: you won't have to press the end you attach in the seam. After pressing 1/4 seams bring to line up and top stitch to finish the two ties. Center on each side of bag and stitch in place. If you want to make a pocket to hold a book or the refill candy make and attatch to the front of the tote. Line up right sides making sure the tie is not in the seam and stitch together leaving about 4 inches at the bottom to turn and hand stitch closed. You could use a stabilizer if desired. I didn't have any so I didn't use it.


don't worry there was no shortage of good food....

Thank Heavens I'm not vegan or organic.

Try Miguels in Coronada if you are in the area.


locations all over California
if you like pastrami
this is the place for you!


If you are heading up or down 1-15 take the Foothill exit just before the 60 freeway. Head west and it is just behind the chevron on the north . THE HAT make it a stop!

Back home is not all dull and work..
I have my new grandbaby
who I used in my display this week!

All Fall and Halloween Fabric

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