Saturday, September 17, 2011

San Diego Quilt Show


make it take it class


These adoooorable pincushions

were made using charm squares...
Everyone completed the pincushions

And had lots of fun

Friends and members of the

guild enjoyed the event

And of course the whole time Dana was working

DB was enjoying the quilt show...

after all his job was done unloading!

And now for the real news the power outage!

The entire SO CAL without power...

The quilt show shut down...

No restaurants open...

And now for the real kicker...
I had my handy first aid kit which now is referred to as the


When you are on the 23 floor with

no power, no water and no toilet

the little light in the kit saved the day or

the night!
The Marriot on the Bay was a beautiful resort however when the power is out it is just a room...

And the 23 floor was great until you have to use the stairs no elevators...

Stop by and pick one up

You never know when the lights go out!

$9.95 each

And soon enough 12 hours later into the night the power was restored and so was I.....


Who needs chocolate??

Back to work and back to reality....

Stop by or visit the blog next week to see new projects and ideas....


Utah Annual Meeting

Quilt Show

Provo, Utah

Next week Wed-Sat....


Never a dull moment!

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