Thursday, March 18, 2010

Lazy Daisy Cottage in...
Mesa Arizona

Being on the road is lots of work but,
always fun...
Meeting new people
and having them share their ideas with us is great.
Trying to decided what to pack
and how to set up the shop.
Debbie Merrill
from Mesa Arizona
She showed off her creation
from visiting our shop in St. George
a few weeks ago.
She took two small pieces of minkee
and put little tags of ribbon,
of all kinds on the edges...
Cute, simple and creative.
Thanks Debbie!

Our new arrival of fabrics
stop by and see!
Bloom and Grow!

Sublime was offered in blacks,
yellow, red and greens
stop by and pick up a few for your stash!

Our famous Tea Towel Aprons....
Stop by and pick up a kit!

At Lazy Daisy Cottage
we have decided to change our eating habits.
Now that spring is here
and we have spent the winter
working on putting on layers
we have decided to work now
on taking them off.
So we will be giving you some eating light
recipes and choices.

Grilled Orange Roughy
with Pineapple Salsa ,
Fresh Vegetable Blend,
and Grilled Shrimp.

Grill fish with a dash of olive oil
on a piece of tin foil.
Coat with Old Bay Seasoning
and Lazy Daisy Special Seasoning
squeeze lime or lemon
when you remove from barbeque.
Steam fresh veggies and flavor with salt and pepper.
The Pineapple Salsa is fresh
from the produce deli
at Harmons Grocery Store.
Delicious also on chicken.

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