Monday, March 1, 2010

So take a vacation!
Dana and her husband Daryl took a vacation
last week to Newport Beach California.
Being away from Lazy Daisy
was filled with something new each day.
Everyday was filled with a lot of walks
and time on the beach
something about the waves crashing on the sand
made me reflect on some of the trials in life
and the way they seem to crash into life.
Somehow we find a way to ride out the waves
although we need something to hold on to
when the waves are the roughest.
Keep your eye on the sky
the sun will come out tomorrow!
It will be a new day filled with new adventures
and keep in mind somedays will be stormy,
cloudy and gloomy
but there's always the hope
for a brighter day ahead.
Focus on the positive and remember to have PMA...

While visiting in Newport
you never know who you might run into??
Going to church keeps us on track
and this week was an unusual visit.
While sitting and waiting for the meeting to begin
I felt a tap on my shoulder
I turned and found a familiar face....
Don't you own Lazy Daisy Cottage?
Joni recognized me from being in my shop
and seeing me on the road.
Make sure you are on you best behavior
you never know who might know you
or recognize you!

Recieveing proofs from Henry Glass Fabrics
with photos of my line of fabric
was especially fun.
Finding my favorite spot on the beach,
bringing my favorite treat....
Sprinkles cupcakes
is where I opened and reviewed the designs.
So exciting!
Watch for more details
and the name to be released to the public.
Can't wait to share it with all of you.

Round 'Em up
Our new layer cake
made with cowboy prints
is backed with paisley minkee.
This is a great quick quilt
and you must stop by and check out our display!

We have the adorable stick horses
and other fun ideas for the round up days.
Whether you're a real cowboy
or cowgirl or just a WANNA BE...
we have just what you need.

The new fabrics are fresh and fun so stop by and pick up...
yer favs?

all cowboy prints, kits, gifts and apparel
20% off
March 1-6th


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