Monday, March 22, 2010

Spring has Sprung!!
Pillowcase Dresses

They are all the rage
wear over swimsuit,
darling and simple to create.
Use ribbon and ric-rac to emblish.
Below is photos of the directions
to help you along.
In the pattern you first construct
to make into the pillowcase.
Then do not enclose the bottom
and follow the directions for the dress.
The kit contains enough length in yardage
for up to a 12 year old.
To adjust the length of the finished dress
measure from the arm pit
to the length desired.
Lay the 10" strip down first
with right side facing up
(cuff)selvages on the sides.
Then lay the pillowcase
or the large piece for the dress
on top of the cuff..
right sides still facing up.

Press the accent or band of fabric (2 1/2") right side up.
Place on top, right side up,
keeping raw edges together.

Roll up the pillowcase
and bring the cuff 10" strip
up and over the rolled fabric.
Stitch all 5 layers together
then continue on with the directions.

Cuff brought up and over the rolled fabrics.

Pin all 5 layers together
keeping raw edges even and together.
Continue on with directions and have fun creating.

Week of March 22-27th
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