Thursday, April 15, 2010

CALL 911
Not really....
Every night there is action
in front of the Lazy Daisy Cottage....
If you are sitting at home
and wondering what to do
for excitement
drive up to Lazy Daisy.
The fire fighters
are training out front
in the houses across the street.
The houses are going to be torn down
and they are inside creating fires
and training firefighters for emergencies.
It is amazing and quite exciting.
On Monday Evening
I was on the boulevard
just passing by and thought it was serious.
I wondered if my insurance policy
was current and...
if I would have a job in the morning.
I was reassured all was well....
Just exciting...
that's the way I like to see..

Now for the cutest....
and I do mean cutest creation...
my buttons are popping off...
and yes it is pride...
after all I am on a diet..

This infant jacket is simple
and just darling...
Come in and see a sample
and pattern Kits are available
and you must come and get addicted...
like us!
The finish product...
All in a row!

Quick and simple raw edge quilt
row by row.
Minkee backing complete with a truck
and car placed in the big rows.

Our Sample
White Mountain Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix

Chewy and delicious
simply add butter and a egg.
Mix available for $6.95

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