Sunday, December 5, 2010


The magic of Christmas is all around.

The many sounds, smells and sweet treats make the Christmas Season... Magical

Many traditions and ideas help make the holiday bright and bring families together.

Here is a few of my traditions and decorating ideas...

This tree is filled with Santa's and Reindeer. It is an I spy tree and my grandkids have to guess how many Santa's and Reindeer are on the tree. They look forward to it every year and I always add a new fun twist to the game.

This is a sample of handmade ornaments and pillow with wooly stuffed sheep. Everything is handmade and the idea came from an inspired Christmas fabric from years ago.

Wooly Sheep with small
crafted wreaths and bells attached!

Ornaments hand painted and stitched.

Inspired printed fabric, framed and made into a picture!

At the base of the tree small pillows and ornaments to compliment the decor.

Many of you may remember the Printed Fabric by Moda.
I designed a quilt using the stripe floral and made a poinsetta great way to use a stripe and directional piece of fabric.

One of my all time favorite quilts....
this was a design years ago and combines piecing and applique. I used a variety of plaids, stripes and small christmas prints. I found a spot in my stairwell which is high and well lit so I place it below the window shutters and it hangs for everyone to enjoy. I filled the stairway with snowmen, pillows and other traditional decorations.

The fun of the holidays fills my home and is enjoyed by everyone.
Share the season and the traditions!
Watch for our free pattern and more ideas tomorrow!


  1. beautiful decorating ideas - can't wait to see your blog project!

  2. How absolutely ADORABLE!!! Can I come spend Christmas at your house???? :D

  3. Love it all. Can't wait to see your project.

  4. sweet decorations and I love your "clothes" quilt.

  5. Your house is wonderfully decorated.

  6. I have that House Christmas Quilt from Christmas Around the world in My house! I like the ledge that you get to decorate with fun stuff this time of year. My Tree and the Living Room overflows with Nativities. Thanks for a chance to win the Prizes.

  7. Can't wait to see your project and to collect your mystery word!

  8. I love your decorations. The quilts are absolutely wonderful. I especially love the Snowman quilt. Thanks so much for sharing.
    I am a little lost here I on the wrong designer on the wrong day or did I just misread the post? Hugs...

  9. Looking for the Day 6 post... Are we busy today? Looking forward to your project!

  10. Lookin forward to your project and the magic word!
    Love your trees. My tree is assorted (Mostly handmade)ornaments I have collected over many years..and I keep adding from craft sales each year!
    The Poinsetta quilt is wonderful. Great use of the fabric.

  11. Hi! Enjoying your decorating!! Also look forward to your day 6 project and word!!! Thanks.

  12. Love the Wear Warm Clothes quilt. Neat way to decorate and use up scraps. Where was the mystery word? Esther

  13. Love the quilt and the pics! This blog is so much fun


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