Tuesday, December 7, 2010

We had a couple of whoops in trying to keep up on everything. This is the photo of the pincushions which are pre-made.
They are priced at $24.95 -$29.95
The second error please note:
If you downloaded the pattern for Jelly Beans early yesterday it had a typo---
When you mark your line on the charm squares stitch 1/4" on each side of the line. Check your pattern or just re-print because it was corrected. Thanks and oops!
But remember it was free...haha!

Away in a Manger
made from wool felt mixed with cotton a gift from my sis...
Kim in Tennessee...
Do you Believe???

There's one sure way to get what you want for Christmas.
You simply do the shopping.... Saving Santa the time and wrap it all up... again saving Santa the time then... the tag...
TO... Me
From... Santa (of course)
Do you believe? I do. This is the sure way to make sure he comes through and you're not disappointed.. Ha... Ha!
My husband always says who is that from after I open the grand gift....
I simply say...
SANTA who do you think?

The Handbags... AMAZING
Remember on Sale this week....
Get the 2nd

Pillow Case Kits
A great way to wrap up an gift when giving the gift.
I made all my grandkids...(9 in all) quilts and matching pillowcases.
Place the quilt in the pillowcase and tie up with ribbons and bows!

the Amy Butler pant pattern
Make up quick and easy trimmed with

is made by Michael Miller and is available by the yard.
Priced at $4.59 yd.

Colors available

Remember to call the shop to place your orders....

(435) 673-5659
Todays Tasty Treat

Hot Pepper Raspberry Jam

Mini Fillo Tarts filled with Brie Cheese and bake for 8-10 min.

Top with Hot Pepper Raspberry Preserves....


IT has been a fun week sharing all the ideas and fun with each of you.

I hope you have enjoyed the week in our life and the

many creative moments we have here at...


please continue to visit us and share your ideas and comments with us.

And like the decor says....


We update 3-4 times a week so don't miss out!

If you haven't had time or been to the Henry Glass Blog visit today and catch up on all the fun and designers.

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  1. Thank you participating in the HG designers project parade. I've read each day's post (and made the whoops correction to the downloaded pattern) and enjoyed the comments immensely. Merry Christmas.


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