Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Its Baby TIME!!
Doll Babies quilt kits are ready!!
Its a must!!
Babies Babies Babies....
Kits $64.95

an employee of Lazy Daisy Cottage
made this fabulous wedding rag quilt for her niece.
What a wonderful aunt she is!

Size 50x70
She used different variations of creams and browns.
A darling way to personalize a quilt is by using
Timeless Treasures fabric paper
to print a picture on.
Also Stacey had the temple stitched on to a square
with there wedding date.
This quilt is super cuddly with its soft minkee back!
This is made with 35 ten inch squares.
You match up a 10" peice of minkee and cotton
wrong sides together, sew an x through each one.

Snip raw edges.
Smaller the better!

The BOSS is gone AGAIN...
Dana has gone to WINTER FEST.

Remeber what goes on at the Cottage...
Stays at the Cottage!!! haha

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