Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Bags are just like quilts you can never have too many...
And besides Theresa and Dana are on a Roll...
This is the Reversible Sunday Sling
by Amy Butler
Mady from our newest Moda

OH MY in Twill fabric

Scroll below for the newest and latest prints in Minky...

All 60 wide

All $16.99 per yard

Call and place an order

More than you thought possible

Over 200 prints

Bright and fun
Remember if you stop by this weekend
Dana will be in Vegas

And what goes on in Vegas stays in Vegas
especially when she's working....

Working in Vegas????

Who knew her skills
would be needed in Vegas?

Never under estimate a quilter
and her talents

So if your looking for a good time...

And in the Vegas area

Visit Lazy Daisy Cottage in

Henderson at the Quilt Show
Friday, Saturday and Sunday....

And make sure you check in at Lazy Daisy in St. George
to make sure the girls are keeping things under control?
Are we ever under control?

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