Friday, March 25, 2011

The greenish yellow color faded from the tea stains
and my condition is gone?
A miracle...
But, my planter faci.....
you know the painful condition is terrible...
So if you see me hobbling that is why?
If have any tips or miracle cures
besides staying off your feet let me know?

The quilt shop and design room are full of OOH LA LA
I got sample yardage and have made three quilts since Wed.
No wonder my feet are killing me...
Besides joining the gym..2 hours each night after work and still
walking up webb hill in the mornings...
I've got to loose all that Minky I swallowed...haha!
11 pounds so far and much more to go....
Close up of the block....

Quilt top waiting for Theresa (the quilter)
to get back from her sisters funeral in North Carolina..
when you see her give her a hug....
Our love and prayers go out
to her family....

New pattern from Curby's Closet
mini bug purse pattern
$9.00 each
Or you can purchase the purses done for

$18.95 ea.

Cute and simple

Remember to stop by
and get your Easter Chocolates..
Assorted flavors all covered in Chocolate!

Watch for our big event on Easter Weekend...
More details to follow....


  1. I've had the plantar faci..stuff, too, and I was cured with a single cortisone shot. You've probably done that already, but I thought I'd pass it on:)
    Those are cute little bags!

  2. A slant board for plantar facitis really works. Google slant board for plantar facitis. Amazon has some. You stand on it at a certain angle and it stretches you out. It has worked for many of my friends.


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