Friday, May 8, 2009

Mothers Day Gift Ideas...

Mothers Day!
Does it get any better than that? What have you got for your mother for her big day? Or even better... what are you going to get for yourself for YOUR big day?
We have been planning this all spring... our cottage is pretty much a mother's gift paradise!
Here are a few ideas we have for you...
Jewelry and purses....
We have a brand new collection of vintage-like necklaces, personalized charms & other unique baubles that will make her ( your) day so special!
How about a new purse... we have so many to choose from you might need to get her two!
Aprons are the latest craze. They are not just for your grandma anymore! We have several EASY aprons to make right out of a tea towel. Easy and darling... a perfect match

These are so cute and so fun... she'll be happy to cook dinner and look like a domestic diva at the same time!

If you've pondered the Mothers Day question and still can't think of a fabulous gift... come in and have us assembly an amazing gift basket. You can choose the contents or let us create something unique for you!

Our last suggestion is one that anyone will love... a Lazy Daisy Cottage gift certificate.
You choose the amount...they choose what they want!
Good Luck and happy shopping, but most importantly...
Happy Mothers Day!

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