Monday, May 11, 2009

Snicker Pie

Every Monday we are going to give a recipe from our Lazy Daisy cookbook...
This week's recipe is Snicker Pie...
1 package oreo cookies
1 square of butter
Blend 2/3-3/4 package of oreo cookies in blender. Melt butter and mix with cookies.
Press crust in pie pan.
1 or 2 1/2gallon Breyers Ice Cream Snicker Bar Flavor (depends on how full you want your shell) I of course use at least 1 1/2 packages.

Soften Ice Cream and fill pie shell piled high. Top with carmel and chocolate ice cream topping as desired. Add chopped peanuts and 3-4 Chopped Snicker bars.
Place in Freezer and watch the dessert disappear and re-appear!?....the scales don't lie!
Enjoy other favorites from our new Lazy Daisy Cook Book. Availabe for $10.95 best money spent.

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