Monday, June 21, 2010

June 22 is election day
for the preliminary!
Mark your calendar
and make your vote count...
Our personal favorite

Cal Durfey is asking for your vote
because he wants to
represent your views and concerns.
He is retired as a devoted educator
in St. George
with a degree as a doctor in education
he is qualified
and ready to give the time necessary
to serve the community
and the make a difference
in the education here in St. George.
You will find Cal busy
at home in his yard,
devoting service in the community
and also in his church responsibilities.
Not only is he my choice for school board
he is my daddy
and I am proud and respect him
and the values which he has taught me
and shown to be by example.
So remember to vote on Tuesday June 22nd.
Not only busy campaiging
the endless food which my kitchen produces
would make anyone wonder....
how it is all possible.
Having a bridal shower,
a quilt group to cook for,
a basketball team from Alpine
my sister and husband with 4 kids,
parents, grandkids and children
makes this weekend a FOOD FEST!
Not to mention Fathers Day
and the menu for dinner!

The salads and dips full of flavor
makes the moment a time to savor
and remember.

Ready for the next group to arrive...

Not only do we fix food
we entertain friends
and make great memories.
Being greeted by college ward friends
makes my day fun and gives me a reason to smile...

Now for a little something different.

This is an Unidentified Item...
There is a prize
for the person who can guess
what this is...
Call the shop or make a comment
on the blog leave us your phone number
we will contact the winner
and announce the contents
when it is revealed!

(435) 673-5659

Watch for new apron pattern
and recipe on Thursday!


  1. i think it looks like a rottiserie chicken in marinade.

  2. It looks like brownie batter in a bag.

  3. I think it looks like peppers in a bag.

  4. Pickles in some kind of sauce?

  5. Jace says it's octopus, Carter says it's a type of fish, Maddy says it's ribs and you're favorite sister in law says it's a tye-dye t-shirt that you just dyed.

  6. Old bananas in a bag from the fridge.

  7. BANANAS!!! That is really gross!! Its a good thing that my mom wasnt there to see that:P HAHA she would of gotten rid of them real fast!!

  8. How about some yummy,gooey fudge.

  9. No, it looks like Spare Ribs being marinade in a bag, hmmmmm I love spare ribs.


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