Monday, June 7, 2010


Our new idea
to make the ruffle edge
on the pillowcase.
Then you could make it into a dress.
This is a new fun idea.
Follow the photos below
to make the ruffle bottom.

Cut the Pillowcase 27"
Then cut two strips 10" wide.
Stitch two strips together
to make one continuous strip.
To ruffle take a spool of heavy thread
we use DMC floss no. 8
Tie a triple knot on the end
where you will begin sewing.
Do a zigzag stitch
running the thread down the middle.
Keeep close to the edge.
Repeat the process on both sides of ruffle.

Both sides are ruffled.

Then take the thread and pull to gather up.
Gather both ends.
Lay ruffle right side up
and place pillowcase on top
with right side up with the 27"
running parallel to yourself.
Pin in place.
Then bring up the ruffle again
and roll the pillowcase up like to old pattern.

We are showing you
to bring the ruffle up and around.

Pin all layers.

Stitch in place.

Pull the case right side out.

Open up and press stitch
with right sides out 1/4" seam
across top and side then press
and turn right side out.
Sitich with right sides together 5/8".
This makes the french seam.

Our newest quilt for Her...

And now for him...
Approximate size 60x60 for both quilts
Kits and patterns are available.
Make it a must
you can customize with favorite
number, ties, swim shirts etc.
Fun and creative!
The little vest and tie
make it a must see quilt.
Stop by and check out the custom quiliting!

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