Thursday, August 5, 2010

Here it is....
The name was inspired
because there was a splash of Cheetah
in the fabric.
It is fun
and brings out the wild
in the tame and timid quilter.

With red, black, green, pinks
and yellow piled high with Cheetah!
Dots, florals makes for a fun combination!

Check with your favorite quilt shop
and let them know
you are waiting to add the She-da
to your stash.
Our new friend arrived at Lazy Daisy...
Shopping for her was fun
while we laughed and enjoyed
spending time with a Star!
She is amazing
as well as beautiful
and it made our week.
Dana told us she had a dream about her...
they went on a trip together
she doesn't know where they went
or why but,
when she woke up
she remembered it was fun...
We love having fun and going on trips!
So much fun to meet Marie in person....
a dream come true!
Our baby purse totes are back
and cuter than ever
Stop by to pick your favorite.... $24.95

Amazing tape.... and it is.
This is a vinyl tape
which stitcks to itself and is reusable.
It is awesome to wrap
around your spools of thread
to keep them from tangling
and making a mess in your drawer
and notion bag.
Can be trimmed down
for smaller spools of thread.
Also can be cut in strips
for the back of your rulers
so they don't slip.
Stop by and pick up a roll for $12.95

The other amazing thing
you don't have to take the plastic
on and off from the spool for hand work.
Just leave a tail and you can pull off.
Like I said.... AMAZING!

All pre-cut and fused
ready to put together.
Stop by soon
the first batch sold out
and we have re-cut the second.
Kit available for $42.95 EACH
Each is bagged with instructions
and all supplies needed.

$42.95 EACH

Now for the best....
Fat Quarter Bag with matching quilt.
This is a great idea
for the Christmas Needs....
Make a bag for Sleep Overs,
the Beach or the Park
and have a quilt that matches!
The bag is simple and such a great gift.
Every Grandkid needs one for Christmas!
The quilt is minkee on back
and front with a minkee binding
which is cut 2" wide
and stitch on single width
then roll over and hand stitch the back side.
The matching pillowcase
makes it handy to put the quilt in,
your pillow and pj's.
Stop by and see the great variety
for boys, girls, weddings,
and babies for the stroller,
the park or the beach!

Remember to mark your calendar
for the Sale in August
last weekend
check monday's blog for details....
You won't want to pass up the deals....
See ya Soon!

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  1. Congratulations on the new fabric line!!! It looks just like your out going and crazy personality. Can't wait to see the fabric in person and also can't wait to see the quilt designs you think up to use it in.


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