Monday, August 9, 2010

Dana shares her personal story
of hope and miracles
as she is pictured
with her oldest daughter Erica.
The story began in innocence
with a Doctor prescribing Erica
pain pills to manage female problems
and pain
and from there everything
grew out of control.
From divorce, to drugs of all kinds,
to loosing the babies she once held
and cuddled and finding herself
looking at the walls of jail.
The fun, loving beautiful
and sweet innocent mom
became a memory and she was lost in her life.
As the addiction grew worse
and worse trying to face
the reality of her mistakes
and pick up the pieces
seemed impossible and her life
was falling apart.
She finally reached the bottom
when she lost her baby
from her second marriage to foster care.
She realized her choices
and put her in a place she could not manage
and she was finally ready to make the changes
to better herself and search
to find and bring back the mom
she needed to be for her children.
Checking into rehab
and turning her life over to God
brought back the Erica her family had missed
over the past several years.
140 days in rehab
and admitting herself into intense
drug rehab programs has kept her clean
for 8 months.
Shortly after checking into rehab
finding out she was pregnant with number 2
(from her second marriage)
5 in total was news
that scared her family
because she was dealing with difficult
circumstances and they worried
how can she endure all of this?
After all her baby(who turned 1 on January 3)
and another baby on the way??
She made the committments necessary
to prove to judges and counselors
how much her babies meant to her
and that she could be that one in one hundred
to make it out of drug addiction.
On Thursday August 5th
Cali returned home to her mom,
Erica and dad, Andrew.
The miracle has happened
and we pray everyday for her to continue
and live her life without
the ensarning power and control
which comes from addiction.
Sweet as an angel,
Cali is definitely a princess
and has her beautiful quilt
made by her mom, Erica!

Dana and Erica with Cali....
There is a hope for tomorrow
and never, never, give up.
Endure and continue to have faith
and courage to survive
all the heartache and sorrow.
Because it became so devestating
and some days seemed unbearable
Dana decided to become a facilitator
in the LDS 12 step program for families.
It is a family support group
and is amazing....
the group meets on Sunday evenings
and it truly changes your life
and the lives of others.
We can help we can make a difference
we need each other in times of need
and that is what has got me through
the darkest days...
friends and support
that I have gotten by all of you...
many who didn't know of my troubles
and many who did.
But, just having friends
walk though the door
and meeting new people
brought me the joy and the hope
that somedays were dark and dreary!
I do believe in Miracles
and pray for anyone who is living, dealing
and suffering from addiction in any way.
I had to work on my own
so I decided to change my eating
and my exercise program and now
75 pounds later I have taken control
of myself and my choices.
You can do it to!

The payday comes when you snuggle up
with those sweet little babies again.

Dana with her hairdresser,
Stehpanie spends time under her spell
waiting for the new look?
Notice how the mirror is behind her?
I am at her mercy!
Stop by and check out the short hair!

Dana's new quilt design....
A quilt of hope and miracles
hand stitched raw-edge applique
stop by and check it out!

Last thursday, friday and saturday in August!
Mark your calendar.


LOL... Dana


  1. A warm and heartfelt congratulations to all involved with recovery. I am a service missionary for the 12-step program in our Stake. The Atonement is real and is available to all. It has changed my life. Thank you for being brave enough to share. Love, Kathy from Logandale, NV

  2. What a really nice post. Thanks for sharing such a personal and life changing story with us. It brought tears to my eyes. What a precious little grand daughter to have to snuggle close. The quilt is adorable and the name fits it just right. I'll be sure and stop by the shop the last weekend. I am so glad I will be in town at the time. Lucky me, see you then.

  3. Love and prayers to you and your family. It is always wonderful to hear of someone having success! I often wonder why it is so hard to turn to God for help. Love to you. Susan Jensen, Logandale/Spanish Fork

  4. You are a positive influence for good, Dana. It is a joy to see Erica and Calli together. Here's to the future -- may it be bright and filled with the joy of the gospel!


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