Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Slouchy Yard Bag


Below is a step by step tutorial for a free pattern....
Slouchy Yard Bag
Yardage Requirements
1 yard fabric outer print
1 yard fabric liner
2/3 yard pocket and handle
3/8 yard elastic (3/4 inch non-roll)

To begin square up the yard pieces so they measure 36x36 (lining and outer fabric)
From pocket and handle fabric cut one strip 12 1/2" WOF for the pocket
and two strips 6 1/2" WOF for the handle
For the inside pocket cut into two strips 12 1/2x 12 1/2 the press 1/4" all sides.
Bring up folding in half and pin in place on the right side of liner fabric measuring down 3 1/2" from top and center from each side. Top stitch and make sure to leave the fold on the top of the pocket opening. Stitch in place and top stitch to make pockets. I did 2 equal seams on one pocket and one down the middle to create a double and triple pocket. Pin other pocket across from the pocket you stitched down. Then place outer fabric on top and pin in place leaving about an 6" opening on end without pocket. Turn right side out and press seam and opening press 1/4" so seam will be sewn shut later in the bag construction.



Next after pressing make a casing for the elastic. Cut elastic pieces into two cuts 6 1/2" long. For the casing come in on the side the pocket is on about 7" from the end and stitch a casing or seam about 1 1/2" wide continue along until you come about 7" from the other end of bag. Repeat the same thing on the opposite side. Now take a safety pin and pin one end of the elastic and put your hands up in the open end of bag and feed the elastic through the casing stitching down to hold in place on both ends. Repeat the process on the other side. Now for the casing for the handle.... Stitch the opening closed.

You will fold over the end and stitch down about 2" wide. Notice the elastic and the pocket.

Topstitch the handle casing down.

To make handles take the 6 1/2" wide strips and press in 1/4 inch on all sides. Then fold wrong sides together and topstitch to finish handles. Repeat to make two handles. Pin one end and feed through the casing. And then WOW you did it. This can also be done using 6 layer cake pieces as the outside. Play around and make it fun. Be creative!

Handle pressed up and ready for topstitching!

Inside view of bag, notice the pocket and the casing!


While everyone missed me at work this past weekend, they thought I was vacationing or having fun. Let me show you. Cousins visited from California, so we did the usual....Splash Pad.

And then the FROG HUNTING...
My son-in-law is the master. But we had one problem: no net.

Hannah with the catch!

No net. So Dana with her creativity made one. All you need is items from the garage and sewing room.... DUCT TAPE, PLUMBER TAPE, Painter strainer bag, PCP pipe and of course a sewing machine. After stitching and taping we made it happen the net to catch the frog and we caught one quickly. Just have to know where to go and when???


And then after all the swimming, hiking, splash pad, running, washington rec center (which by the way on Friday you can swim for $1.00 FROM 12:30-8PM IN AUGUST. CALL Dana for details) we went up to the Red Hill, ate and made smores. And if that wasn't a deal all the kids and melted sticky marshmallows...WOW another labor of love but...SIGH!
This is how memories are made!

Next Thursday, Friday and Saturday!
PS: Thanks to Carma for helping with this week's blog... she's da' BOMB!


  1. I think Carma is the coolest too!

    P.S. the blog looks great!

  2. Wow, so cool to see frogs. They're not very common where I live anymore. What do you do with them?
    Thank you for this tutorial


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