Monday, July 18, 2011

Minky Binding


Hannah my granddaughter is

working on a quilt to enter in the

Road to California Quilt Show

in January

After finishing your top you are ready to apply binding

Binding strips are cut 2" wide
You need 4 strips for throw size 50x60
5 strips for large throw

Join strips together diagonally

Begin on top side of quilt leaving about 8"

Mitering the corners

Stitch to the corner.

Remove and fold binding strip

away from you lining up the edges

Then fold binding forward you making a

true 45 degree angle again lining up the seam.

Begin stitching to secure the corner

and continue stitching down the sides...

Remember all seams are 1/4"

Corner angle view

Corners are easy if you follow the steps.

When you have stitched and arrive about 12-18 " from completing stop and cut your beginning strip leaving about 6- 8" (this will not be stitched down)

Bring the piece which will line up to beginning strip and finger press where the seam would line up if you placed it down flat... Cut away from the finger press the width of binding in this case 2" see I have cut away excess and you can see I have left 2" from where the binding lines up to lay flat.

Stitch the two binding strip ends

together diagonally

Trim away excess to 1/4"

Lay flat and stitch to complete binding

Then turn and hand stitch on the wrong side of fabric. Minky will roll under as you stitch to finish the edge.

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