Thursday, November 12, 2009

Carne Asada

Pictured are the secret ingredients for this recipe...
Now not a secret...
Pinto Bean Seasoning
(found at Harmons Grocery Store on season aisle)
Carne Steak and Meat Seasoning...
found at Mexican Markets
(in St. George Three Amigos on Bluff Street)

Begin with Flank Steak
amount depends on how many your cooking for.
(I use the Flank Steak from Costco.)
Cut thin diagonally.
Season with above seasoning,
pinto bean seasoning and carne steak seasoning.
use generously .
also a sprinkle of garlic salt and course ground pepper.
Place meat in frying pan
with 2-3 tsp vegetable cooking oil.
Cook on high heat quickly
and remove meat
leaving dripppings in the pan.
Add finely chopped red and yellow peppers
and onion .
Again depends on how many you are serving.
I like to use the small bag of peppers from costco
and I use about 12 peppers
and 1/2 onion.
Fry in reserved juice from meat adding additional oil if needed.
When peppers are cooked to desired tenderness ,(I like them cooked extra like fajita mix)
add meat to pepper mixture.
You can also add a fresh jalapeno pepper if you like.
When complete serve with warmed tortillas,
sour cream, lettuce, cheese,
tomatoes, fresh salsa, avocados, etc.
This is a must try recipe quick and easy..

Who says a blonde white girl .....
can't cook like a Mexican Seniorita?

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