Thursday, November 5, 2009

Tea Towel Apron

Lazy Daisy Cottage Apron Kit
Follow along for detailed instructions with photos
Note: Apron is shown in Christmas fabrics but can be made in any fabric.
Open dish towel, trace and cut-out template on sides.
Finish edges using a 1/4" seam double rolling to have edges finished.
See above photo.
Accent Strip see details below

Accent Fabric
Cut: 3 strips 2" wide WOF (width of fabric) for ties and straps

Cut: Accent strip 6" wide
For the accent band cut the 6" strip
to fit the width where you want to place on the apron
allowing about 1/2" extra on all sides
to turn under and topstitch the edges.
If you are using rickrack pin in place before stitching.
See diagram below.

Add rickrack to accent band if desired.
Pin in place tucking sides of rickrack under to prevent fraying.
See diagram.

Press under 1/4" on all sides of straps. See Photo Below.

Ties and straps press in half with right side of fabric facing out.
Topstitch to finish ties.

For neck ties cut 1 of the 2" strip in half and finish as described above.
Stitch in place.

Stitch side ties in place.
One on each side.

Stitch top ties in place.

Finish Apron
You can do any variety of methods to finish and create fun aprons.
Make pockets,
place ruffles etc.
have fun and custom create each apron.

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