Friday, November 13, 2009


Another work in Progress!

This quilt is not for the weak.....

although it is a lot of work it definitely is worth it!

As you work with the charm squares

they are cut down in circles...

which you use for the yo-yo's.

The clover yo-yo maker makes them quick and accurate!

This quilt requires you to make 197 yo-yo's....

so by the time you have made about 195

you're considered a true and licensed builder ...

qualified to construct a home for yoyoville.

Seeing this quilt in person made me realize...

it was a must have project!

The houses, trees and flowers bordering this quilt...

melts your heart!

Although the work required in applique

definitely makes this quilt not...

"A Quilt in a Day Project"

but it puts a smile on my face

every time I pick it up and

work hour after hour.


Cutting kits has also required a lot of time.

We have given a lot of variety...

using the Moda line from

" Simple Abundance"

while adding matching plaids, dots, florals etc.

to give more variety and color.

It is turning out to be irrestable

you'll just have to see it for yourself!

Completed kits are available

while they last ....

as the fabric is SOLD OUT from Moda.

Kits are complete and include background fabric, backing and binding.

Total Cost$189.95
Call now to place your order


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