Saturday, November 7, 2009


Meet Maude Bently Broadbent
86 years old

During our Yard Sale Maude visited our shop.
She shared stories of her childhood growing up in this home..
which now is the home to Lazy Daisy Cottage
and all of us.
Maude mentioned many visitors
who stayed here in this house in the front bedroom
which is now the main fabric and cutting room
we often refer to it as the counseling center.
As we cut and stand around putting kits together
we discuss problems, questions,
concerns and everyone gives advice
while laughing and sometimes crying together.
She mentioned many special visitors,
President Grant and David O. McKay were a few.
No wonder why this cutting room feels so special.
We have often mentioned
if the walls in this old house could talk what they would share with us?
It was fun to think of all the great memories
in the past and how they continue to surround Lazy Daisy Cottage!
History continues to happen and it happens with
Lazy Daisy Cottage!

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